Learning Styles and how to implement the methods in your homeschool. 

In this session we will go over the different Learning styles and techniques for them, what they look like, and how to equip you with the tools for success in your homeschool

The importance of a homeschool community.

Community! What does that even look like for a homeschooling family. How do you find one and why you  need one…… 

Encouragement for the tired mama.
You have the most amazing blessing of being a mom but sometimes it can leave you tired and quite frankly with grumpy attitude. Lets be encouraged with one another during this session.
Why Marriage is important and your role is is so vital to your home.

Lets talk about marriage together for a moment.  There are different seasons in a marriage there are high points and low points and some can be harder to walk through than others.

Homeschooling In Texas

This session goes over the home education laws and requirements in Texas, resources, and  the steps to take to start homeschooling if your currently enrolled in a public or private school,  and answer any questions you may have. 

Women’s Ministry

These sessions are custom prepared depending on the event content and goal for encouraging other women of faith.

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